The Lebanese international artist Hiba Tawaji accompanied with the artist Oussama Rahbani will be performing in the Cedars in a musical entitled "TEN". This great musical performance is prepared, supervised and produced by Oussama Rahbani.

"TEN" is the fruit of a great success between Oussama and the exceptionally talented Hiba and is a special production for the Cedars International Festival.
This year we are honoring the Cedar tree which is the emblem on our Lebanese flag as well as our pride. For the first time in Lebanon a special Operetta for the Cedar will be performed by 12 of the top Lebanese artists who have raised Lebanon's name abroad. This Operetta is written by Mr. Nizar Francis and its musical composition by Mr. Michel Fadel.
The 12 participating artists are: Ghassan Saliba, Walid Toufic, Najwa Karam, Nancy Ajram, Mouin Shreif, Melhem Zein, Abeer Nehme, Joseph Attieh, Ramy Ayash, Zein El Omr, Tania Kassis and Elia Francis. 
DAY 1 - July 29
Press Releases 2017